[Official Video] 2 Seater - Nindy Kaur feat. Angel

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Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/rdb/2-seater-nindy-kaur-feat-angel Toronto, Canada -- Nindy Kaur's heavily hyped debut album, Nindypendent, is set to release this summer. But before the mayhem takes over internationally, Kaur is set to release the official video for her second single, 2 Seater. Kaur officially debuted the single during her performance at the 2011 IIFA Awards in Toronto to over 10,000 guests and 60 million television viewers. Fans across the world have already got a taste of what the hype is behind 2 Seater, when the official trailer was released for the video. "I wanted to give everyone a quick peak into 2 Seater, the mood, the feel and the style of the video," stated Kaur. "Of course I didn't want to give away everything...that's what the official video is for!" 2 Seater was shot at Guvernment Night Club in Toronto, directed by Jason Matos, and produced by RDB. The song will be available for download on iTunes and RDB's site on July 21st. With the long awaited release of her debut album, NINDYPENDENT, now music enthusiasts can watch the buzz behind 2 Seater. "2 Seater is fun, pumped, energizing and simply awesome," states Kaur. "I love it so much and enjoyed the entire process for shooting the video! I'm certain that everyone across the world is going to enjoy it a lot! Trust me, there's more to come from NINDYPENDENT!"