Making Love | The Mysteries of the Egyptians

This is part of the bedroom scene from Making Love. A short film that tells the story of a playwright with a dark past who risks his life by returning to his home city to find out if a woman with whom he once had a passionate and illicit affair ever truly loved him. He gets to spend only one hour with her, any longer and he faces death. The film is based on the work of Peter Rollins (who wrote the original Play on which the script is based). It touches on themes related to psychoanalysis, philosophy and pyrotheology. Starring David Dastmalchian, Frédérique Bel, Nigel O'Neill, Dominic de Coster and Chris Kelly. Directed by Helen Rollins Written by Helen Rollins and Peter Rollins Based on an original play by Peter Rollins Produced by Johnny Rollins and Peter Rollins Executive produced by Hugh Schulze and Rob Morel Co-produced by John Lyons, Laurie Struck, Brenton Reading and Jill Olson Cinematography by Ryan Kernaghan Edited by Caleb Swyers Score by Adrian Romero Supported by Northern Ireland Screen Follow Peter here, Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Get The Fundamentalists podcast here, Subscribe here for free talks, Website:

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